Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been to a stuttering support group or conference before. Should I come on October 21st?

Yes! Coming on May 28th is a great way to jump into the stuttering self-help community. Our community is friendly and welcoming. We will have workshops and discussions that appeal to first-timers and stuttering community veterans alike.

I am an SLP/SLP student who doesn’t stutter. Can I come?

This day is unique in that it is intentionally organized for people who stutter to be and discuss amongst only each other for the day. So the short answer is: not on this day. Our local NSA Chapters welcome SLPs to their monthly support groups and social events and even hold workshops specifically for therapists and students. Please feel free to get in touch with or to learn more about these great opportunities!

I am a loved one of a person who stutters? Can I come?

This day is unique in that it creates an intentional place for people who stutter to be amongst only each other for the day. Though we recognize the critical role our loved ones play, we won’t be programming for loved ones of people who stutter on this particular day. Please feel free to attend our monthly NSA chapters and social events, as we would love to get to know you! That said, if someone does not feel comfortable attending without a loved one please send us an email and we will work it out.

Will the workshops at this conference help me stutter less?

Not exactly. The workshops will focus on exploring the history of stuttering, how it affects our lives and identities, and our vision for the future. We won’t be handing out tricks or techniques to make you stutter less, but many of us have found that connecting with other stutterers can help reduce the shame and anxiety surrounding our speech.

Will there be speech therapists there or speech techniques discussed to help me stutter less?

More than a few of our organizers and attendee are speech therapists and people who stutter. But, on October 21st they will take off their therapist hat and be a regular old participant. Though we may be discussing the role of speech therapy in our lives, we won’t be presenting on technical speech tools. That said, you will likely get to talk about what has or hasn’t helped over the years.